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PMs in focus

Last time we ha a nine percent move in silver was two years ago

May be it is more clear now why I so aggressively positioned myself last week in the precious metal sector and shared that i reloaded my physical holdings as well.

The ego is elated finding itself in a time of a 50 year cycle (= a hundred year cycle as well) where to most of us there are no experiential market comparisons and as such speculation has prime time

But speculation is just that and from a logical/fundamental view there are so many variants that again the ego is thriving on many possibilities "to be right"(=all the ego over is after)

Yet being right has nothing to do with consistent extraction of monies from the market.

after many futile years of a beginning trader my goal shifted to creating a self regulating system that exploits trends but doesn't require the foresight of where trends establish

years later i added techniques to dissect turning points prismatically to find ideal entry points from a risk perspective

Again years passed to be able to pair the approach with good money management

The longest training was to check the ego at the door and be sufficiently satisfied with consistency and a fluent process executed well over the need "to be right"

Typical traders had no reason to step into the Pm markets as aggressively as we have in this channel and yet TA showed us the entry points and quad allowed for trade management and the result is we have should this turning point mature literally traded long the lows in the PM sector of a possible decade

and the great thing is that it doesn't matter if we didn't-because then we will do it next time

the above zoom out of time frames from daily all the way to quarterly charts shows confluence in time frames-the first thing needed to confirm a larger turning point

typically larger players now step up to the plate to accumulate a position

this is the time for the small players to use the security of that volume liquidity rushing in to take first financing targets on their monthly and quarterly charts

I am planning to finance my high time frame entries within the next one fifty cent to one dollar move



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