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Relative strength versus beta

1. beta: Beta is a measure of a stock's historical volatility in comparison with that of a market index such as the S&P 500. Stocks with a beta above 1 tend to be more volatile than their index, while stocks with lower betas tend to be less volatile.

2. relative strength: Relative price strength (RPS), also known as relative strength, is the ratio between the price trend of a stock price compared to the price trend of the market. RPS is commonly used in technical analysis and is not to be confused with relative price index.

now silver has a beta over gold-this means you can not compare silver one to one with gold in percentage per day

but when silver moves on 5/11/2023 and takes out 26 session lows:

while gold makes just a minor correction:

than this is far beyond just some beta measurements in the gold/silver ratio these proportions are measured precisely:

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