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reloading bitcoin

ETF's are reloading(last Tuesday 12k BTC purchased, last Wednesday ETF bought 6900BTC)

Pension funds start to nibble (Wisconsin pension fund)

only 3 % yet into the typical halving gain move

increased hodl (BTC moving from exchanges into hard wallets)

beauty principle:

after this 3 year move from 2014-2017 to previous all time highs BTC moved from 1k to 20k straight up

now in similar fashion and time span (2021-2024) we also reached the ATH with a fair probability that a possible next attack of the 72k level could cause an initial short squeeze and six figure price level reached quickly for financing a quad fin target or a large time frame reload

Zooming from the monthly time frame into the weekly one we can see a clean cup and handle formation:

the reason for my pointing out the larger time frame bullish sentiment of bitcoin is the for bitcoin typical surprise that it causes within market participants once it gets moving

the extended three year sideways zone typically creates within investors a lack of interest and an inability to act quickly or better yet in an anticipatory way to be positioned or reload a previous holding and this especially for an instrument as impulsive in its moves as bitcoin

we are not stating that we believe that bitcoin is about to breakout

but what we do want to convey is, that a possible move could be surprising, swift and substantial in its magnitude



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