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Runner psychology

We use:

We called this last position of the trade runners to remind ourselves that we let them run.

One of many aspects of why we do this is to catch possibly developing trends.

Unfortunately, the mind typically says at some point:

"I wanna be done with this." (=a call from the ego for pleasure-seeking)

Instead of getting this short-term reward feeling met You can say to yourself: "ah great I have a winning trade no matter what and with runner exposure, awesome. If don't feel well tomorrow I still have the option of cashing in a winning position even if I have a bad trading day or do not feel like trading"

The feeling of owning an "out of prison free card" is typically larger in pleasure than the quick exit to"be done" and soon one can leave one's runners for a little more extra alone.

One thing that also is emotionally supportive when one has runner exposure is that if you don't catch a part of a trend, one still feels somewhat ok since you have small bets(runners) still in the game.

Professionals measure their performance based on how much

they get out of the market in relation to how much the market was offering-in our opinion the only real performance measurement. Here again, runner exposure is cultivating the right mindset and supports as a result good execution skills.

To verify how your mindset is responding to the ideas presented imagine for a moment that you had no exposure to the recent BTC daily move.

(BTC moved in 18 sessions from 16337 to 21456, the one who left a few runners in is a happy camper, and in case 17k was some lows of this being the beginning of a trend he feels like ...awesome in the future

What we are trying to say is that it might feel like a stretch at times but it is worth it to leave runners alone.



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