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Taking Profits!

Top Down:

Five years ago, we started focusing on the precious metal sector.

With the markets topping and wealth preservation coming to the forefront, it seemed prudent to prioritize this sector.

In addition, our long-term view was a temporary decline/ market crash followed by a one to two-decade commodities bull run.


Taking profits (bread and butter income)

Becoming well versed in Gold, Silver, and platinum trading on all time frames

Establishing physical positions that are hedged through consistent spot trading profit taking

Eventual positioning near market lows for long-term position building through runners to catch the 10-15 year commodity bullish trend with the thought that after a steep market decline, the precious metal sector being one of earliest recovery to other market sectors/instruments

taking advantage of liquidity and volatility

Besides minor adjustments, little has changed in our plans, and much has come to fruition.

Recent events in the silver market are an excellent example of how we take profits and how our system is elf regulating in creating runners that become very profitable once a turning point becomes successful.

We have positioned weekly:

and monthly positions:

and have taken partial profits eliminating risk, while buying physical holdings

On a daily basis, we have been actively trading and reloading mid to short-term positions on lower time frames as well

The green arrow up to the very left was an entry for a low-risk core position daily. It had two target exits (red down arrows). We reloaded this core position with a second short-term trade (right green arrow up). This trade mutually eliminated risk by partial profits being taken shortly after that. The main focus is on low-risk entries.

Overall exposure in the silver market as of right now:

Since PPT got established:

all trades were posted in real time with a 100% hitrate so far

What we named the "Quad Exit Strategy" provides a psychological edge of making the market participant feel like a winner after initial winnings to mitigate exposure risk. These entries and exits have been provided in our Telegram channel in real-time.

There are many benefits to the "Quad Exit Strategy," both on a psychological front and from a money management perspective. The Quad allows for more flexibility in risk control (stop placement) and ease of execution due to aligning a trader's mindset in a conducive way to a counter-intuitive environment.

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