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The "Kiss Principle"

The "Kiss Principle":

"Keep it simple, stupid!",

is employed at Motorcycle racing. Much more complex in variables of computers to figure out the various forces at play versus car racing, hundreds of measurements are taken from tens of millions of dollar prototype motorcycle racing machines and evaluated in real-time to optimize competition.

Yet it is simplified down to only 20 numbers due to the Kiss principle in play.

In Italian, a motorcycle racer is called the Centauro, the fabled figure of half man half horse from old Greek mythology to represent the motorcycle being an extension of the human racer.

Engineers are driven to build these prosthetics to be the best suitable for the racer to be as fast as possible.

The KISS principle applies to trading as well.

While systems might be complex and rule books vast, and multiple variants and unknowns are at play, a much reduced and simplified rule and toolset must be available at the time of action, trading action, for the trader.

This final KISS version needs to be tailored to the trader's mindset and mental makeup and be unmistakably present in his mindset.



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