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The trade finds me

what is one of the biggest differences between my and your trading?

you take down trades

meaning you show up to the market and find a trade and take it down.

I on the other hand am taken down by trades

I am nearly almost next to the market and the trade finds me

and when it does I execute the process unit triggered.

The difference is there is less "me" involved.

I do what I am told-It is just a process.

And the process is predetermined and regulated

I do not expect an outcome from a single trade-I have expectations towards myself and my execution fluidity

I lean against my rules, i know the process units are designed for my strength and weaknesses and they are time measured so I will not get into overwhelm

I am not shooting from the hip and I do not seek out home runs

I pride myself to committed process and its fluidity-not to take down major scores

I do not rob a bank for the quick rich and the thrill

I built and improve a printing press and am the maintenance guy

the market is taming me not me trying to tame the market

it is a "away from" process

not a "towards" one



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