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The important part in trading is not the reactionary management of trades

but the anticipatory work of putting markets and inflection points into a frame work where one has good odds to find oneself in the good fortune of managing winning positions extracting high likelihood scenarios with low risk entry opportunities requires a top down approach to identify large player moves ahead of time

while BTC still has bullish territory to explore, it already had a proportionally significant move behind it and as such is well nourish with our runner exposure until a retracement provides a low risk opportunity:

ES prices are about to meet a significant distribution zone and as such even a modest retracement is necessary to add to out exposure on low risk for its long direction:

from a weekly perspective gold just made an attempt to break through all time highs on a cup and handle pattern and bears rejected such an attempt:

but we didn't have just a 3 year range breakout attempt

the monthly chart shows, that printing these new highs even though initially rejected which is typical but that breaking the highs on a quadruple top on weekly also reflects a 13 year range break on gold which a mutually cup and handle formation, which is much more prominent and note worthy:

in our humble opinion, with this price behavior also meeting a fundamental picture of banks and investors around the world buying insurance through ownership in the precious metal sector we find from a top down approach continued interest to place our focus on low risk plays in this sector due to the most attractive risk reward ratios with recent price behavior pointing towards a possible shift from range trading to directional trading:

it is this macro analysis that's necessary to evaluate on where to put ones money for exposure and with what aggressiveness to attempt reloads and how to allocate funds from a money management perspective

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