Top down discipline

we prepped the overall likelihoods for larger turning points to be more like mid week with the notion that the bears wont have a true advantage here

we prepped Mondays overall consensus on how to get towards the market with holiday trading to trade either


half size

and low frequency

We made the right daily call for ES with sideways to down to capture the highest likelihood of the market and avoid strings of losing trades

and look how right on he was:

that's a 60 min chart and we couldn't have been more right

than he used his mental daily prep in the Am before the open to ensure to follow his rules

and the result is you walk away not only unharmed but with profits

you ask around or remember your own past and this is the kind a day average traders get creamed by the market and now are set in a negative stage for the rest of the week

or in short:

risk control is everything

rules are necessary to control that risk

reinforcing those rules through mental exercises and practice is necessary on the path towards consistency and to stay on the path of consistency

It is important to measure ones performance on how well one followed ones rules not on how much money ones extracts from the market-If complex difficult trading days have been mastered by great discipline on ones trading rules, pat yaself on the shoulder for job well done


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