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trading a system and trading yourself

It is essential to understand that the biggest obstacle to trading is oneself.

Only investigative techniques in place of introspection allow for trade execution improvement, and those can only be put in place efficiently with an attitude of absolute self-responsibility imposed and consistent measurements.

We spoke of a top-down approach, and we talked about the daily call":

It is essential to have the rules and implement them practically. It means you need to measure how you are performing in you executing your plan.

It is easily said to "plan your trades and trade your plan."

Much, much harder to execute what you planned.

One way to get better and improve execution performance is to implement a weekly check on your performance.

Here are a few questions you should answer for yourself every weekend to measure if you are progressing in your execution skills and your probabilities to forecast the "weather" with your daily call:

1. Did I do the call

2. Did my call protect me

3. Did I make the right call

4. Did I scan for the correct patterns

5. Did I identify the correct patterns

6. Was my call profitable in regards to what the market offered

The following Excel sheet allows for measuring the answers to these questions and, over time, seeing a quantitative improvement of your actions in the ideal scenario.


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