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preparing for a six sigma event

over the weekend I started preparing for a possible six sigma event

I started out light footed viewing movies like:

progressed to more serious material like:

and ended up with history books about market crashes and the big depression

I ended up rehearsing my six sigma fail safes and am going right now through all my brokerages and clearing houses and review my notes of what and when I do certain procedures should we see bad times again

I also updated notes in my business plan and in general refresh my mind that these events spell opportunity and otherwise condition my trading psychology to be alert and positive in attitude.

i remember in 2000 a year before the market crash, participating in win win bank offers like borrowing $20k from discover bank on 0% interest rate and receiving a $1.5k bonus a year later when I payed it back in addition to the interest I made on the loan parked at another bank account.

I also cashed in on CD ladders with interest rates reaching double digits

Getting a bank offer last week of receiving a 800$ bonus for $25K put for 60days in a checking account, started this weekend routine of mine and i highly recommend to all traders and investors to do alike.

I am not saying a six sigma event is near but it would be kind of embarrassing , no, to be surprised about an event like this while talking about it for years

and trust me, you can be still frozen behind the screen if no procedures are in place and rehearsed even though you talked with your friends at dinner table about black swans.



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