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Thinking from the end

Thinking from the end

Now this has been plenty iterated upon in our century but it is imperative to condition our minds since “mind creates matter” is a principle and as such we are responsible for what happens between our ears since that is what ultimately materializes.

So, what does it truly mean thinking from the end? People stick notes on their mirrors of self-embracing incantations. Athletes walk through their competitions prior to their achievements in their minds and it is true that most of human kind problems stem from its inability to sit quietly in a room for an hour-or with other words-we are what we think we are.

An imperative aspect is that serial thought from a starting point to an end result is not conducive to achieving an outcome while experienced artist know that true manifesting is a lot easier skipping all the steps in between in one’s mind but simply being in the desired state /outcome already from the start.

It is more the absence of doubt and other low frequency energies than the actual manifesting of the wished- for object or state. It’s a focus that allows for patience and the time delay endured for true manifesting as the only obstacle on this planet instead of a satori and the willingness to truly only be engulfed in the actual result rather than process and the need to control and understand the steps in-between. So rather than obsess with the details and the seemingly unsolvable puzzle pieces of “how”, placing one’s energies rather on the “what” it is one would love to have or reach in one’s life and being utmost clear about that desire is what’s required to have an ease of enjoying the gaps to be filled miraculously by themselves.

Surrendering to the bewilderment that dormant forces come to aid to those who not even engage in the problem thinking of “how”, a much sought- after outcome is created. Aligning energies with that what is wished for results in knowing it to come to fruition almost by itself. Ego being left out in its unruly need to control and fear inductive desire to derail us from the miracle beings that we truly are creating anything and everything that we so desire if simply aligning ourselves with our true nature of such manifestations.

In short, simply be at the spot you want to be and leave the rest blank to be filled by coincidences and miracles without questioning the process but rather already ahead of time enjoying what soon can be seen also by others.

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