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Abundant flow

I am not sure if you have noticed but I am trying for a few weeks to share the process of my behavior by making post references to past posts.

This style of trading is key to my success meaning there is a reason why I called my website

for a reason.

Flow means that all elements are moving in alignment.

Much like a mechanical wristwatch with many pieces moving in alignment to result in a set goal of in this case consistently providing an accurate measure of time.

In trading there are a few conundrums.

cant trade when ya sick

cant trade when ay stressed

cant trade on money ya cant lose

cant trade other peoples psychology

cant trade afraid

and on and on

Imagine flow for Tarzan when he swings through the jungle on a vine

He needs the prior momentum of a swing to continue his flow forward once he grabs the next vine

he needs to have certainty in his mind that there will be a vine ready to grab once the swing of the current vine is ending otherwise he falls to injury

He needs a positive attitude, half glass full versus half empty to see the jungle as his friend versus a place of deadly creatures and the possibility of running out of vines

it is this challenge for a trader to befriend the markets and see abundance in an unknown place that for the beginning trader has provided mostly scary experiences to overcome and see the market for what it really is

a thick wonderful natural forest/place of abundant possibilities, that always provides opportunity

easier said than done

yet absolutely possible and true



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