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FOMO-fear eats the soul

My wife told me that she saw people on the way to work at 6 standing in line and the place opened at 10am and at 13:00 am it was still over 4 blocks of a line on the street-curious she checked it out and it was for a store that sells reusable bags

no perks, no incentives, no sale

It was a Monday morning-regular workday

so all that's sold is an idea

(If nothing is left to sell, sell people just an idea)

bought by people who are out of work with money they can't afford to spend

they get zero value

all it is is clever marketing

all it is is FOMO

In the Soviet Union people bought 4-5 Washing machines or other exotics when they became available and stood for those in endlessly long lines to have something to trade for when times came where food or other necessities became available

FOMO that seems sensible to have goods for barter in times where barely anything was for sale

At FOMOs root is the need to belong, the fear that others have experiences you don't.

The internet certainly didn't help to tame this elephant chasing you.

Make an effort to be independent of the opinion of others.

Be aware that the crypto space uses marketing alike to create demand and that the lure of trading also uses a dream of 100x (or 1000x?)

Propper trading does not include any FOMO, proper trading knows that one can make consistent profits without needing to know the future and that individual trades are meaningless.



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