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culture eats strategy

Culture eats strategy is a principle in the corporate world. It describes that established cultures overrule strategy, that there is no change in your inner world of different parts ruling your actions, and that this system hierarchy has a history and dominates.

This means you can't expect that just because you have a new strategy and an intellectual discovery that markets might be counterintuitive and as such, you want to apply a different approach, that your "team" (various entities that define your inner world) will adopt this idea of a new strategy.

In short, rational thinking and strategy development do not translate into executability, and your ideas need to be scrutinized for the culture to be willing to adopt them and follow suit. Assuming that insight translates into change violates this principle, and as such, various steps in between are necessary to create the desired results of new behavior.

We are creatures of habit.

We love the status quo.

We are slow to change.

We are reluctant to move towards the unknown.

You might even say we are lazy.

The new tools to manage these obstacles are in the nitty gritty world, and consistent rephrasing and asking quality questions about details lead to an improved process to come closer to newly conditioned responses.

It is about implementing various values, some of which might contradict old beliefs.

What is required is resilience,

innovation and curiosity.

With the desire and need to deliver and perform, one needs to

set objectives and measure progress and failure in detail to find new ways to implement the changes in small increments.

Describe the path to set goals in very detailed steps.

One reason I am writing about this principle is that with the world seemingly changing at an accelerated pace, I expect trading models to change. As such, I am reducing my toolset to the core items with the highest probabilities.

From my experience, it is the best methodology to contract one's approach towards the market when the market is expanding and vice versa, like hip-pocketing new tools and ways to look at markets when the market is modestly stable in its behavior.



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