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Bitcoin-and where from here

Simple-nobody knows

So, most and foremost, relax.

Only a relaxed mind perceives the market correctly.

Let your ego, which is desperate to be right, relax in the knowing that there is not a single person out there who knows more than yourself since there are no crystal balls.

That being said, what are the likelihoods?

The ETF cat is out of the bag, and the news move with the following fresh money allocations have found their top.

Have they?

We do have confirmation of a temporary high due to the over 15 percent retracement depth of the recent price highs (amongst other signals we mentioned in PPTs red room real-time posts on Telegram).

This does not indicate a directional change from up to down but rather a principal one where it is likelier for Bitcoin to trade sideways rather than up.

Tomorrow, the Fed's announcement should more clearly set the range for this sideways trading range.

An early monthly time frame glimpse illustrates how far Bitcoin can still retrace deeper it being famous for its 80% and up directional retracements:

And this chart illustrates the probabilities for bitcoins future in the near term:

Here are some further "inspirations" of where we find it best to have a lookout

For shorter time frame traders, this means going long on low-risk entry points near trading range box lows once the sideways trading range is established so on small reload size due to expected volatility risk.

Investors need to wait for a possible more significant retracement in Bitcoin if they want low-risk entry participation

and professional, more aggressive traders can also attempt a small size short near the all-time highs if price behavior allows for a low-risk entry point=action reaction principle applied for aggressive financing.



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