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Analysis shows that people have a much lower retention rate, the cause being more drug consumption, multitasking, effects from phone and iPad use, and typical modern demands. Most people are even proud of their multitasking skills, but it is factual that retention loss is a consequence of this unfocused way of participating in life.

While you get away with such altered behavior in the "regular' life (do you really?), in trading, this means that the much screen time needed to reach a trader maturity that allows for consistency, typically ten years) can be stretched much further out.

This is futile since this already much-underestimated aspect of trading(most newbies do not believe experienced traders that 10 years of screen time is the minimum) gets even further extended even though it already is the leading cause for traders to quit.

In short, you can only become a psychiatrist if you have the patience to listen.

You can only become a consistent trader if you dedicate a large portion of your daily time to the screen and obtain from multitasking once you do sit behind the computer.

Turn other data sources like music and phone, phone notifications, and anything else off and observe price behavior in a focused fashion.

Write a journal that forces the mind to translate complex occurrences into smaller data blocks, which the brain then pegs to internal pictures.

Reducing overall data flow in all aspects of life, like unnecessary social media stimuli and repetitive news; be creative in cultivating focus through practice.

Sleeping with earplugs creates a much more restful snooze...

Various aspects need to be developed to become a trading athlete, and extended states of focus for a higher retention rate are essential.



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