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Not being familiar with the business principle of 60/30/10 at the time and hence focusing continuously on the 10 percent part, meaning improving skill and craft and product in the kitchen, rewards came sparsely in a monetary aspect and fancy clients tossing the black crumbs of a plate to the side not knowing this being black truffles didn’t help, but the fact that it became harder and harder until impossible to reach that quiet moment in a multi course meal of silence reaching from the dining room into the kitchen warranted a change.

It was necessary to adapt to the world which had become faster and more restless and distrustful and as such to quiet the mind of the guest stronger forces seemed to be in order.

The vision of “Uniting the grand family around a table” was dying and the idea of “Come Hungry” got born-an art installation of stimulating more senses simultaneously to awaken this self-reflective moment in an exhibition.

The concept included guests after entering the exhibition to enjoy baths like in a spa and walking barefoot in robes through various terrains stimulating feet by water, sand, grass etc.

Attendees would be served small plates of delightful hors d'oeuvres in front of paintings while listening to individual sound segments while observing those artworks.

All participants would be unknowingly filmed from above when wandering through the exhibition.

Presented with this film sequence as a gift when leaving the exhibition the goal was for the visitor to realize his own art creation.

By choosing the order in which to walk through the exhibition and the various paintings one created a menu sequence as well as a song arrangement of the individual sound sequences aligned in the same manner and this alongside all the other visitors, all would be wearing equal robes given at the entrance representing a human species and united since separation in principle being an illusion but truly our actions as individuals affecting all of us.

I needed paintings and two years passed with an obsession creating large abstracts of oil paints on canvas-a period of vast creative out-pour since starting a new creative field is always of intense delight.

I cultivated a sweet water fish tank and contemplated the fish’s random movements as inspiration for future visitor’s choice of sequence.

Parallel to creating over 150 paintings much work went into the musical snippets enabling them in all random arrangements to be harmonically sound which was easier than the new field of painting since I had played drums for 14 years and a masters in audio engineering under my belt ( originally emigrating to the United States with the intent to become a professional musician but that the whole vision fell apart simply due to economic resources and it was time to examine things by their principles)

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