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It is obvious this being a topic of vast complexity and I by no means claim expertise but I spent more than a decade cooking tens of thousands of meals for the rich and famous in Hollywood-people with special needs in regards to diets or allergies or otherwise special nutrition and as such have spent much time to educate myself about the complex nature of the human body and its physiology.

The last hundred years especially have provided quite some advance in all sciences with the focus of humanity being strong towards this field.

The complexity of the makeup and mechanics of our flesh and blood paired with the endless field of psychology, who govern these processes to a large extent, made any deeper look into any direction of details rather bewilderment and exploration rather than an extraction of true principles.

The main finding for me personally was the acceptance that there is much to be found to guide one towards nutritional health or otherwise beneficial behaviors for health advancements old if not ancient wisdom.

The individual complexity of various needs with each one of us seems untamable with a simple routine or healing procedure.

As much as some general advice is absolutely beneficial if such is governed by intuitive behavior we are all very different and as such have vastly different needs.

For example, an approach to have a special diet for each and every one of us already undermines simple variants like age, gender, season, locality etc.

Lives dualism and dichotomies can again be found, for example, in the greatness of a western approach to be instantly beneficial for an acute remedy of a critical situation but its grand failure in long-term pill popping solutions negating the underlying reasons for chronic problems.

Eastern old wisdom draws upon a larger field of experience and often finds a more useful approach by seeing the patient as a whole rather than a structure only built out of electrons, neutrons, protons and croutons…

We have achieved much on this planet to improve our situation in regards to health but a humble stance might be a good position to incorporate the fact that we are only at the beginning to contemplate the true complexity of our existence in these fragile shapes of flesh and blood.

More importantly the realization that the mind is the driving force behind all of these processes that shape our health, rather than viewing it all as an independent entity of only bodily functions.

A unity including unities outside itself, a singularity of one body. A whole.


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