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Time Frame transfer solutions

Core Position


As most everything, this is counterintuitive as well in trading when aimed at with reducing risk to its minimal.

One way to do this is to start buying a minimal position of the desired instrument (about 5%) which does not represent more than 1% risk to the portfolio and allows for a stop as wide as an 80% retracement.

This significant stop size might be required in crypto in principle as a whole (volatility of this market and retracement size) and specifically when dealing with altcoins that freshly come to market on very low USD equivalent prices per coin, a pump and dump risk as well as insufficient chart data for relevant price predictions.

Reload trade


To accumulate coin to the desired level one now “works” the position meaning desired low risk entry points have a substantially larger size of coin exposed to the market with tight stops and the quad exit strategy.

Instead of aiming for a second target the last 25% of the position size is now hip pocketed to the original core position.

In this manner two goals are achieved-the increase of a holding of a specific coin/token and the mitigation of risk by acquiring coin over time at low risk entry points with small risk exposure both by price and time and partial profit taking of the trades as well reducing risk.

Income producing trade


Once the desired size of a coin/token holding is achieved one trades the coin purely from an income producing perspective=regular quad exit procedure and as such further supports the underlying instrument by reducing risk.



The counterintuitive part is that the original coin purchase is minimal while the reloads since price advancements have already reduced risk are quite larger in size and are growing in size.

One truly great advantage of such a strategy is that one also is free to take profits of a core positions which is only sensible at extended price movements at time, since the reload method allows for still acquiring the original desired size again

A”hodl” method in our opinion is not only crude, psychologically extremely strenuous and very poor in providing a profit taking target, but simply non principle based.


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