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Art and Heart

Art, heart, head, and skillset are required to blaze a successful trail into the trading world.

Art( many roads lead to Rome, creative problem solving and creative edge creating define a new road to success, and in trading, a new way to look at the market means you have a real advantage).

Head (mental strength to deal with adversity and all challenges faced).

Heart (the ability to step up against yourself).

Skillset(your creativity to extract edges towards the market in various fields like TA, fundamentals, money management, psychology, and unique skills to align multiple areas of expertise towards the market that get you to become a consistently extracting profits trader...

You don't want it to be harmful or paralyze your abilities, but rather align yourself to the rhythm of the market.

Check your ego and your fear at the door.

Sitting down to execute is a rhythmic balance like standing on a surfboard or trusting to ride a bike without questioning its mechanics. A rhythm of rehearsed practice without ever stepping a foot on the ground, wondering what would happen if I fell since only the thought would trigger a stressful response to walk towards an instinctual reaction, which in trading being counterintuitive consistently results in the worst choice.

The problem in trading is that no matter how far down the rabbit hole you are, you continuously have to compete against the better version of yourself since there is no growth without that. This constant progression isn't everybody's cup of tea since this asks for a constant state or process rather than one of arriving. There aren't trophies, mountain tops, or other acknowledgments of the grander scheme since traders' aim is merely consistency- something our societies call average or mediocre.

This means rewards are something a trader needs to build in him or herself into the process-meaning; you need to give yourself pleasure while you are a consistently losing trader for specific progress steps or even just for showing up. Once consistent, spend some of that hard-earned money to manifest clear, tangible rewards and express yourself to see and feel your achievements.


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