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Expectations might be the hardest thing in trading. Managing these expectations and controlling this constant pressure from events that are nearly unmanageable in the future and, most of all, managing the moments like"oh no -I just ran my stop again."-"Why do I do this to myself?"

The best way to meet your expectations is to set expectations towards your self like consistency, not having an off day in your performance but expecting to play your game always at the highest level. You have to realize that your only opponent is yourself and that the market is your friend doing nothing but testing you and providing opportunities. Opportunities for yourself to see yourself and be there, so you have a playground to become better at your game.

One of the stepping stones one can build on is patience. Surrender the process to a flow principle of accepting it as long as it may take and surrendering your expectations to a goal of mastery of the game rather than "when is it done?"-"When will I be rich?". "When will I stop losing money?"-

What you focus on expands. So one needs to stop asking limiting questions like this and develop towards "I am a trader." "I will succeed." (and alike)

Trading is an extremely lonely sport. Typically on mastery levels of what's required here, one gets a lot of help and operates within a team. Unfortunately, most traders try to do it all by themselves and fail at some point since trading is comprised of so many different aspects. So many moving parts. To self-educate oneself in so many other areas of expertise as a whole needed to bring the entire game together isn't easily done by just one individual.

What we think is needed, even if one has a great capacity to master various fields, is companionship through hardship. We believe it is unhealthy and dangerous to face so much adversity all by oneself. We need a buddy in crime who understands, and that's easier said than done since this field of work is so different than what most are familiar with that it is almost essential to have a trader to talk to and not your regular friend or spouse. Realizing that one isn't alone in one's sufferings and that the mistake one makes is expected within the community takes a large part of the pressure off, especially since the steep learning curve is typically eight or more years for the truly dedicated before consistency sets in and if one does this on the side the waiting period of more than ten years can be emotionally very draining. It is said that most people drop off just before their breakthrough because they are either financially or emotionally broke and can't withstand the patience game one more day.

All this being said, a balance between setting the bar high on the expectations since it is mastery of what's required in the field of competition in the markets where one stands with the best in the same ring but at the same time betting on the long-term game and monk-like patience and endurance is what needs to be found.

This is easier said than done, and those who survive are those who bend and allow circumstances and adversity to shape them and who seek out obstacles to grow from them.


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