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the quad exit strategy and trailing the runner

when you trail emotionally you typically trail not tight and not wide but someplace in the middle as an average trader and typically ya get stopped

your emotions dun want tight since ya greed wants more money-your emotions also dun want wide since ya fear dun want to give up that much

getting stopped in general is poor trading it means ya dun know entries and exits of a trade

so principle based is a target exit

or a very wide stop since the further something runs the larger the retracement is

this is especially true for BTC and the crypto space

so ideally ya only trail a runner to BE

and than just give it room to develop-no trailing at all

if the runner is 2x you can start thinking about booking some more profits by trailing tight(chandelier style)

i rarely ever trail-it either catches a trend and needs to be left alone or its momentum and has a target

my profit margin overall and on an individual trade is that large from fin and first target that it satisfies my expectations-as such i have a carefree mind to allow the runner the maximum freedom to mature to its maximized potential beyond the time frame the trade was initiated

you can cut your runner mentally in half-for half you use your trailed stop-for the other half you use a BE stop and a wide wide target

-over time monitoring closely in excel you will find your performance on the BE stop portion to be much more profitable and can adjust in tranches the allocation from 50/50 to a higher percentage for the more profitable exits

ones emotions and mind need to grow along ones experiences and need conditioning and reconditioning-force rarely works there but an approach like the one mentioned might bring you success


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