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Trading success is not linear

Trading success is not linear, which is a true obstacle to success.

Two significant forces make trading success so elusive.

The first one is that there are no linear rewards.

One isn't starting with a small hot dog stand, upgrading to a gourmet sausage truck, and later owning a steakhouse. And finally expanding into three restaurants to eventually own a meat franchise.

You need to create tools to compete with other franchise owners, which makes the whole game significantly more difficult since one needs to sustain a 7-10 year period financially.

Within this multi-year drought, breakthroughs also do not come linearly. It is more like compression and expansion phases altering nonlinearly and hardship-heavy needle-ear challenges popping up randomly. These inconsistencies of random rewards only make this marathon of the educational route more difficult.

The most underestimated aspects are:

Scarce money never wins

(and you are most likely consistently running out of it)

typically a minimum of seven years of screen time are necessary

you can't bend the rule that trading underfunded has a near-zero chance of working out

So you need money to trade and sustain a living for an extended period, and you can't push the clock forward since screen time is necessary.

While all this is happening, the second force is also messing with you.

It is that accumulated pain feels disproportionally more significant than it is.

Pain, in this case, is not linear but becomes stronger over time.

What we mean to say is that after six years of failure, a losing trade becomes in its weight disproportionally stronger in its suffering infliction.

The longer you are in this game, the harder it is to withstand setbacks since the triggered pain as you feel the weight of all the accumulated pain over the years of trying without success.

As a result, many traders quit right before their breakthroughs since the stick that broke the camel's back felt like a giant tree.


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