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What is a top down method approach?

I do not trade against fundamentals but largely focus on TA

that being said it isn't necessary common TA since many edges i developed myself

top down approach only states that everything is a process, meaning i quantify and qualify all engagement sequences, all edges and rules and try my best to proceed along line of these sequence hierarchies

meaning all work of trade planning is anticipatory and has consequential market interaction sequences as well

so for example the daily call is an exercise everyday that presets my level of engagement for the next day with a top down hierarchies of probabilities on how the next days market is most likely to pan out

I fill out a questionnaire sheet on various TA aspects of how likely certain scenarios might be likely for the next 24 hours and have resulting top down sheets on what this would mean for my trading in the upcoming session and what tool box of useful execution tools for what likely setups to bring to the "battle".

most importantly i promise myself based on this evaluation of "what NOT to do"

and honor these rules no matter what the market does

so one way of top down is also to also follow a top down strategy of pre set rules on what to do and what not to do and follow it as best as i can

so the main idea is to have edges and behavior quantified and than aligned in a top down rule book and to stay in charge of what to do based on that rule book versus being triggered by the market, getting triggered into reactionary behavior through stress induced emotional states to in a counterintuitive make the worst choices by acting intuitively

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