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What's next?

wouldn't you like to know the lottery numbers of tomorrow

we have the daily call to help us with that but what else can we do when things seem stuck?

one way that helps is the beauty principle

everything in markets comes in waves and cycles

the beauty principle is the one who notices first when its time to change indicator settings, stop sizes or overall price pattern behavior of the most recent cycle that the market might favor


in sideways markets daily charts are littered with dark cloud covers and bullish engulfing patterns that can be overwhelming for trend traders who want to catch the next leg

lets examine BTC daily chart

sideways sideways sideways sideways

and all of this in a topping formation where one isn't willing to short yet

why not pick an oscillator to check momentum in a sideways market?

and voila:

if you examine this chart you will find that at every "zero line reject" the next day was either one or two updays or a bullish engulfing pattern or a reversal move

in short-stay ahead of the game,be alert, only those who give it the extra umph will consistently extract profits



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