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Your perception of the future

In the 50ties, people were romantically thinking of the future, like living on the moon. Only natural after a war to have dreams rather forward than looking romantically back-no one wants to relive terror.

As a trader, the way you think about the future is significant. If you are worried and somewhat fearful about the outcome, it will immediately impact your execution. While the monks got it right that living in the present is the most predominant thing to do, and performance certainly is in alignment with this, it is imperative to build a positive picture of the future to step into this uncertainty as a trader, with an abundant mindset successfully.

Not necessarily an easy thing to do in the world we find ourselves in right now.

Regardless if you believe in conspiracy theories and alike, we are confronted with many challenges, and an ideal mindset as a trader is always one of a glass half full.

Self-reflection on an individual basis is necessary for many ways to examine one's relationship on deserving and partaking in a career that isn't based on doing something.

Per se-after, all the skill set is only the push of a button.

Nevertheless, it is the timing of when to push this button that makes all the difference if one's job is a joyful one resulting in consistency and abundant results or a neverending nightmare of facing one's shortcomings reflected in the market.

After all, the markets are nothing but a reflection of our mental makeup.

So in a way, you can not receive from the parts that you are not already holding within yourself.

In other words, if you have a strong sense of unworthiness, that is what you will find yourself in, no matter how much knowledge or repetitive conditioning or thousands of trades are executed.

"Mind creates matter," taken literally, means that it is actually more efficient to work on your mental makeup to find yourself successful in the markets versus learning about market behavior in its various facets.

While the above written might sound a bit philosophical, it is entirely meant to be practical advice on how to improve one's trading career.

My experience was that once I changed my attitude-changed my beliefs; shortly thereafter, I reached goals that had eluded me for over a decade.


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