December 25, 2017


If you are still reading my posts under "writing" something might have evoked some curiosity, otherwise you would have quit, finding this repetitive and also accusing in nature or at least in some sort connoted with a negativity.

The least intent of mine is a negative structure of the items seemingly presented with a frustration or resentment or anything else describing a somewhat negative feeling -

Far from it.

The repetit...

December 19, 2017


Look around.

Beauty- wherever the eyes rest upon.

In an amazing array of synchronicities each and every living creature, and to me this includes rocks and such things as well, is aligned in absolute perfection.

Nothing is left out nothing is stuck or in disarray-
Everything bends and fluidly flows along time, and adopts to change and expansion with ease and a magical creativity.

It finds its niche without disrupting its...

December 9, 2017

The precautionary principle

Seriously-they dared calling this a principle-

well there were times we thought the world was a round flat disc and that one falls off the rim coming to close to the end of this flat surface, but I thought science has a bit progressed since then.

Applying this way of thinking basically states that it is prudent to think the worst and then anticipatory deal with it in all consequences without factual pr...

December 9, 2017

Circle of the known

I am sure you have all heard of these three steps one has to go through if on a path of discovering something new.

First when sharing a hunch or a factual new discovery others haven’t heard of yet, one finds oneself ridiculed and at the spot of disbelief by others judgments.

Second if one persists with passion to break through the crust and puts an umph under the verification of the unknown material, to collec...

December 2, 2017

The Flow principle

Taking the road less traveled by and seeking out obstacles certainly provides for a steep growth curve and growth is in utmost alignment with the main operating module this planet is governed under.
So, I encourage thinking outside the box and embracing obstacles to the fullest but always seeking out the hard path seems unbalanced to me.

That is why I am passionate about the flow principle.

Stepping aside and s...

December 1, 2017

Anticipatory versus reactionary

Right at the same time, I had to drive in my car under a small tunnel on my way to school. It was a very small tunnel built many years ago only to allow one railway track to cross over the car lane.
The tunnel was in middle of a 3- mile straight lane stretch of highway with a 100km/h speed limit.
It was a single line motorway on each side and unfortunately this bridge being built at a time with m...

December 1, 2017

Whatever works

In my high school years there was a direct path from the parking facility for the students/parents to enter the main school building.
The shortest walking distance did not lead along a paved path around the building but right through a school lawn, which suffered since the overwhelming majority of students simply took the shortest route to class.
Briefly this grass killing crowd got diminished since the school bo...

November 25, 2017


From the three most predominant problems on the planet,

relationships certainly...

November 24, 2017

Planetary Issues

The main three categories of problems on this planet are relationships, health and finance.

Now it could be speculated that this is because we don’t learn about any of these subjects in school or simply because this is the hard stuff, not as easy to be figured out.

Relationship issues are obviously the hardest nut to crack out of these three. Here we are able to compose divine orchestral music but in the same bre...

November 2, 2017

Universal growth

Everything is expanding, everything is growing, and when it doesn’t grow it dies at some point.

We see this everywhere in nature but still resist growth strongly in many occurrences. It is the resistance to change and discomfort of the unknown.
Befriending the growth principle can alleviate a lot of tension, a lot of frustration, and provide answers and solutions in a quite fast fashion. Lingering with probl...

October 31, 2017



Yeah there’s that great song by John Lennon and I am actually that naive to dream of exactly such a future and find it to be responsible to have those kinds of childlike dream...

October 30, 2017


Sharing of goods is division, sharing of thoughts is multiplication (Hans Albers) came to mind again and I realized I was always a bit behind.
 It was the lack of resources that brought many ventures to a halt not just mine but many of my friends as well. I set out to put an end to this.
Not just for myself but with the intent to bring financial abundance also to those close to me who were suffering being influenced by...

October 27, 2017


Not being familiar with the business principle of 60/30/10 at the time and hence focusing continuously on the 10 percent part, meaning improving skill and craft and product in the kitchen, rewards came sparsely in a monetary aspect and fancy clients tossing the black crumbs of a plate to the side not knowing this being black truffles didn’t help, but the fact that it became harder and harder until impossible to reach that q...

October 26, 2017


I was as a child in the kitchen early on. With a grandmother coming from a butchery background and my mom putting me to good use behind the sink and stove without fearing sharp knives or other accidents I was self-reliant to prepare meals a bit earlier than my peers.

This art form, being a very forgiving one, came natural to me and in my teens, I already had elaborate parties where I got a reputation for my buffets and mult...

October 26, 2017


In my opinion, it is always a society of poor health where education gets less and less funding and it seems ruthless to me to not invest in the greatest potential of the future of this planet- its children.

This isn’t a political blog so and I didn’t choose this chapter’s header for the reason to rant about issues we face right now...

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